The Home Comfort Investment Account is our Premier customer loyalty program and will entitle a holder of a current EPAä membership agreement up to 100% credit of the annual membership fee paid to the cost of a premium heating and cooling system at Shamy’s current book price. The annual membership fees can be redeemed anytime after the first anniversary date of the member agreement. At each annual renewal we will notify the customer of all points that have accumulated to date in the members name. Points will be rewarded after one year and will continue to accumulate each year as long as the customer keeps his/her EPAäagreement current with no lapse in coverage. In the event that the customer has let the agreement lapse due to non- payment of the annual membership fee before the next renewal date, then all points earned prior to the lapse will be forfeited. One point equals One dollar of credit.



Additional Guidelines:


1.      The Customer can redeem points earned at any time after the first year or first anniversary date of the EPAä membership agreement.


2.      There is no limit to the number of years that points can accumulate. Example:  $329.00 annual fee X 15 years = $4935.00 credit at trade in.


3.      Credits cannot be traded for cash refund, and will have no cash value.


4.      The premium system will consist of a Dave Lennox Signature Seriesä high efficiency furnace and air conditioning system “trade in”.


5.      A 100% Membership fee credit can be applied to the complete system “trade in” as described above.


6.      A 50% Membership fee credit will be applied to either a Lennox Signature Seriesä Furnace or a Lennox Signature Seriesä Air Conditioner unit “trade in”.


7.      A 100% Membership fee credit will apply to any indoor air quality accessories, such as humidifiers and air cleaners, when packaged with a furnace and/or air conditioning unit if the customer has excess credits in his/her account. Credits cannot be applied to these accessory items separately.


8.      The system cost will be at the current Shamy Heating book price in effect at the time of the “trade in” and all credit points will be applied against the total installed cost, or book value. Excess credits can carry over to the customer’s account, except if credits are available for the system selected, then they must be used.


9.      All credits will transfer to the customer in the event he/she moves to a new home anywhere in the Toledo Metropolitan area and purchases or transfers an EPAä agreement to the new home.


10. Customer must be current on any accounts receivable.


11.   Credits may only be redeemed by the agreement holder and is not transferable to any relative, friend, or third party.


12.   We reserve the right to modify any requirement or make changes to agreement from time to time. All program rules or changes will be posted to our website. We will not mail program changes to you unless you request a copy.


13.   In the event that this program is discontinued, the customer will  receive a statement of all points earned and can be redeemed anytime within five (5) years after the program cancellation and will be subject to the program rules in place at the time of program cancellation.


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